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To fully experience the zoo in Emmen and the region, it is our advice to stay 2 to 3 days. This is the reason why Hotel ten Cate has various Wildlands packages for you. You will find the hotel within walking distance of this spectacular theme park so that you can fully enjoy your stay. What more could you want? Discover it for yourself and read all about the zoo and these attractive packages here.

The zoo in Emmen over the years

When you ask someone whether he or she knows Emmen, they often say that he or she has been to the zoo. The zoo and Emmen are therefore inextricably linked. This all started in 1935, when Willem Oosting found the zoo on the location in the center of Emmen. During the Second World War, the zoo was used as a shelter for people to hide. Eighteen people who were persecuted for various reasons slept here in the predators stay and above the elephant shed. The German police raided in March 1945, but the people who were hiding already managed to get away.


A new start in 1970

The decline in visitor numbers put the zoo in crisis in the late 1960s. Willem Oosting stopped working as director-owner in 1970 and was succeeded by his daughter Aleid. Together with her husband Jaap Rensen, she remained half the owner of the zoo. The other half became the property of the municipality of Emmen. There came a new start.

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Butterfly City of Emmen

The savannah was set up on a relatively large terrain and animals such as giraffes, ostriches and zebras were brought together here. The butterfly garden was also introduced, where tropical butterfly species were kept is also the reason why Emmen was called Butterfly City for a long time. In 1985, innovations followed in the form of the Biochron, an exhibition about evolution, and a large aquarium opened.


Extension on the Noordbargeres

Although the old zoo in the Emmer center covered an area of 12 hectares, the park had become too small in the 1990s. There were no expansion options. This was followed in 1998 by an extension of 6 hectares on the Noordbargeres, the Es which was a stone’s throw from Hotel ten Cate. An imposing footbridge over the Hondsrugweg connected the two parts of the zoo in Emmen. Initially, the humboldt penguins were located here, to exchange this new place for the old sea lion enclosure in 2013.

Complete move to the Es

In 2007 the first plans were devised to locate the zoo at the new and current location on the Es. A huge amusement park was designed at an almost three times larger location, which would be built here together with a new theater. Initially, it was intended that the complete move from the center to the Es should be completed in 2014. Ultimately it was decided to postpone this until 2016. On March 25, 2016 Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen was a fact. In June 2016, the old zoo in Emmen was reopened as a city park by Aleid Rensen-Oosting, then former director. This park is now called the Rensenpark.

Experience the adventure called Wildlands

Wildlands today brings you into a completely different world. What’s named in three different worlds. In every world you will meet the most beautiful and special animals. Enjoy the boat trip on the Rimbula River in Jungola and discover a mysterious world full of adventure. Or what about the Serenga world? Here you step into the Serenga Safari and explore together the savannah where rhinos, giraffes and other animals live. Do you need some refreshment? Then join the Nortica expedition. Here you dive into a cold world full of rocks and rugged coasts. A sensational ride on the Tweestryd rollercoaster is included. You will be taken to a height of 20 meters in this attraction and then skim past each other in the two mine carts.

2- or 3-days Wildlands arrangement at Hotel ten Cate

In this spectacular animal park in Emmen is so much to experience as in the region, which is recommended to stay for a few days. That is why Hotel ten Cate offers you the choice of a 2- or 3-day Wildlands package. What can you expect? One or two nights in this beautiful boutique hotel in Emmen and access to an unforgettable day at Wildlands. In addition, an extensive breakfast buffet is included in the packages, free use of the fitness facilities in the hotel and free Wi-Fi. Moreover, you can use the hotel’s parking spaces free of charge. This means that you save € 10 parking costs at Wildlands.

The area of Emmen

After visiting the zoo, you can choose from a wide range of other activities with the Wildlands packages of Hotel ten Cate. Discover the beautiful surroundings by bike or on foot, for example. You can ask the friendly hotel staff for cycling and walking routes. There are also numerous attractions in the area such as the Sculpture Garden in Gees, the Gardens of Mien Ruys in Dedemsvaart, the Hunebed Center in Borger and the STAR Museum Railway in Stadskanaal. Especially for children there is also Kabouterland in Exloo and Plopsa Indoor in Coevorden. In the Veenpark in Barger-Compascuum and the Monastery of Ter Apel you will discover more about the history of this region. On the website of Hotel ten Cate you can read an extensive description of these and many other activities that you can undertake here.

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