Children experience a fantastic day at Plopsa Indoor

If you want your child to experience an unforgettable trip, Plopsa Indoor is the place to be. With rain or sunshine, this indoor theme park is a true play paradise for children. This is the place where they meet their television heroes such as Bumba, Piet Piraat, Kabouter Plop and Mega Mindy. In addition, there are many different attractions, shows, events and much more.

The story behind Plopsa Indoor

The name Plopsa is therefore derived from the characters from the first two children’s programs, namely Kabouter Plop and the speaking dog Samson. At the end of 1999, the Meli park was taken over in the Belgian coastal municipality of De Panne. After an intensive renovation period, the first park was opened here, then only called Plopsaland. Because several parks were added in 2006, the definitive name Plopsaland De Panne was decided. You will find this first Plopsa Indoor park at De Pannelaan 68, 8660 in De Panne.

Plopsa parks in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Poland

Due to the great success of Plopsaland De Panne, Plopsa Indoor Hasselt opened its doors at the end of 2005. Plopsa Coo, which is located near the famous Waterfalls of Coo, followed later. In 2010 it was the turn of the children in the Netherlands to get to know the great experience of a Plopsa Indoor park. Plopsa Indoor Coevorden at 57 Reindersdijk in Dalen was opened on April 30, 2010. Plopsa parks have also been built in Germany and even in Poland.

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For children between 2 and 10 years old

In the Plopsa park in Coevorden, especially children in the age category of 2 to 10 years experience an unforgettable experience that they would prefer to never leave. Attractions such as the Dancing Fountains, the mysterious Anubis attraction, the Bumba playground and Piet Piraat’s Leaning Barge. Or what about the dizzying Lighthouse that goes up and down super fast? The exciting Wickiebaan is also very popular. It will skim the rugged rocks and explore a dark cave at high speed. Outside there are also numerous attractions such as the Klimberg, the K3-Traffic Park and the K3-Brandweermolen.

The mysterious Anubis attraction

The Huis Anubis is without a doubt one of Studio 100’s most successful television series. In the mysterious Anubis attraction, there is plenty to swing around and swing around in mysterious atmospheres. Here heroism is put to the test. So fasten yourself well, because this attraction is only intended for the real daredevil. Because this attraction is so exciting, children between 1.20 meters and 1.30 meters are only allowed to sit under your supervision.


With the whole family in the Carrousel

None other than Samson & Gert welcome your whole family to a fantastic ride in their beautiful Carrousel. Choose the horse, carriage, ostrich or one of the other beautiful carts. This is a mill of yesteryear that everyone enjoys.

Ship Ahoy captains!

At Plopsa Indoor there are also real boats on which the little captains can experience a real voyage of discovery. They come across all kinds of things on the imposing Piratenmeer. From as little as 96 centimeters, children are awarded a “boating license”. The maximum length for this attraction is 1.30 meters.

In Bobo’s bumper cars

Who is the nicest rabbit? Bobo of course. He controls the traffic at the super cool bumper cars. Here children let themselves go in the fast carts. If your child is between 1 meter and 1.39 meters, Bobo allows him or her to ride.

Croak in the Bumbamolen

On the back of a real frog, your child will experience an adventurous ride in the Bumbamolen. The frogs croak and jump happily. Your child is warmly welcomed to guide this spectacular frog dance. Up to a length of 1 meter under your supervision.

Plopsa indoor 5

Enjoy playing in the Bumba playground

The Bumba playground is located close to the Bumba Mill. Together with Bumba, Bumbalu and all their friends, your child will enjoy sliding, climbing, spinning and crawling on many great toys. The Bumba playground is for all ages, but Plopsa Indoor asks you to accompany your child below 1 meter.

Don’t forget dry clothes at the Dancing Fountains

At the Dancing Fountains attraction you and your child can enjoy an impressive water spectacle. The dancing fountains are eager to give you a special surprise. Dance along and try to avoid the bubbling water. Don’t forget to bring dry clothes with you at this attraction. We assure you that you will need it.

Tummy tingles on the Slide

Plopsa Indoor is also the place where you will find one of the country’s highest slides. In attraction the Slide you can whiz down from the highest point in the area of the gnomes. Your child must be at least 85 centimeters tall to slide off this cool attraction. In addition, guidance is requested up to a length of 1 meter.

Extinguish in the K3 Brandweermolen

While the fire sirens roar, your child jumps into the fire truck with K3. They have to hurry to the city because buildings and hotels are now ablaze. Get started here as a real firefighter or woman and aim the fire hose in the right place so that the fire extinguishes quickly. Your child must be at least 85 centimeters tall for this attraction too. Up to a length of 1 meter, your guidance is also required here.

Real K3 fans enjoy themselves in the K3 Whirligig

For the real fans of K3, a round in the K3 Whirligig should certainly not be missed. Here they float high in the air with their favorite K3 member, above the town square. That is enjoyment.

Reach the top of the Climbing mountain

There is a huge mountain outside at Plopsa Indoor. The great thing is that your child can climb this mountain. Especially adventurous kids can indulge themselves here. The Klimberg is for all ages with a minimum height of 1 meter. If your child is between 1 meter and 1.20 meters tall, it will need you as a companion.

Plopsa indoor feestjes

Play and romp in the Maya Playground

A real Maya de Bij playground is also included in this fantastic Plopsa park. Here your child can play and romp in a natural environment. Just like Maya herself. Climbing, sliding and scrambling together with figures from the world of Maya, your child will experience it all here. The Maya Playground is of course for all ages, but supervision is required up to a length of 1 meter.

With Piet Piraat on De Scheve Schuit

Piet Piraat is extremely popular among children and for good reason. In attraction De Scheve Schuit he welcomes them on his boat. Here the children imagine themselves as real pirates and they can even fire a cannonball. As long as that goes well… Piet Piraat allows everyone on De Scheve Schuit, but he could use some support from accompanying sailors for children up to 1 meter long.

Opa Fonkel’s Flying Bicycles

An attraction that you should definitely not miss at Plopsa Indoor is the ride on the Flying Bicycles of Opa Fonkel. Get in and ascend to unprecedented heights. The harder you pedal, the higher you will fly. There is a good chance that you will spot the crooks below.

The dizzying Lighthouse

In the Lighthouse attraction, you fly into the air at an incredible speed and then descend again. Dizzying and super exciting at the same time. Once at the top, you should not forget to enjoy the fantastic view. Your child must be at least 96 centimeters tall to be allowed in this attraction. Up to a length of 1.20 meters, your guidance is required.

Skim along the rocks in the Wickiebaan

In the Wickiebaan, your child skims past the roughest rocks and explores a dark cave. Chances are that he or she will run into Wickie as well as his tough father Halvar. Your child must be at least 90 centimeters tall for this attraction. In addition, supervision is required for children with a height between 90 centimeters and 1.20 meters. Anyone taller than 1.20 meters is allowed to take on this exciting adventure alone.


Shows & Events at the Plopsa park in Coevorden

In addition to the more than 25 attractions, Plopsa Indoor is also known for the dazzling shows & events that take place there. For the little ones, there is the Bumba Magico Show, for example. In it, Bumba opens the doors of the circus tent and happily conjures up with his friends. And maybe you remember Maya the Bee from your own childhood? In Coevorden you can fully enjoy the Mayan Show during the Christmas period. Together with Flip and Willy, Maya de Bij will gladly take your child and you on an exciting adventure with many surprises. In addition to the regular shows, there are also regular events at the park. Of course with a leading role for all acquaintances from the various television series.

Read more about opening hours and ticket information

For practical information, questions and more, please refer to the Plopsa Indoor website: This website uses cookies to give you the best possible impression. You can read here what the opening times are and which shows & events take place when.

You can also buy an e-ticket here at Plopsa Indoor for every member of your party. There are differences in ticket prices based on the length. Three individual tickets are distinguished. If your child is smaller than 85 cm, admission is free. If your child is 85 centimeters to 1 meter, the entrance is € 10.99 and for a length of 1 meter and above, the entrance is € 19.99. In addition, a ticket for the Plopsa Indoor car park in Coevorden can also be ordered online on the website.