Take a walk through time in Museumvillage Orvelte

Museumdorp Orvelte is the spot for special sights that take you back to the history of this village. Orvelte is a monumentvillage where people live. There are dozens of Saxon farms with thatched roof’s and other rustic buildings. There are also lots of special events and theme-days. This is only just one of the many things to do in Orvelte.

Go on a journey through Museumvillage Orvelte

You can not only go on a stroll through town but you can also visit historic buildings. For example the Houtzagerij and the Ambachttuin. It is one of the view

The lively monument village of Orvelte, where you can gain the most diverse impressions, you will of course not only discover by walking along it, but also by entering the ancient buildings. Take the Houtzagerij in the Ambachtentuin, for example. This is one of the few places where this beautiful craft can still be viewed up close. Or what about the Bakkershoes? In restaurant ‘de Huiskamer’ you will discover authentic local cosiness while enjoying traditional delicacies. Think of  “kniepertjes”, gingerbread and ”stroopwafels” that are freshly baked every day.


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Museums and exhibitions

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In addition to the various crafts, you will also find various museums and exhibitions in Museum Village Orvelte. For example, visit Zoo Bizar. This is a place where you can learn all about the special exotic animals that live in an old Saxon farm. Demonstrations are given on request and you will discover all about the wonderful lifestyle of, for example, the stick insect “Takkie” and the tarantula “Brechje”. You will understand that Zoo Bizar is regularly the central backdrop for children’s parties and school trips.

The Orvelter Horse Tram

Another unique experience in the monument village of Orvelte where people like to take a tour is the Orvelter Horse Tram. This original covered wagon is pulled by two Belgian draft horses and during the tour the guide will tell you everything you want to know about the farmyards and the monumental buildings. Please feel free to inquire about the possibilities if you want to make a longer ride. Travel and experience Orvelte and the beautiful countryside in a great way. As standard, the Orvelter Horse Tram is doing tours every weekend from April 1 to October 31. There are even daily tours during the school holidays. Departure times are indicated at the stop, but there is only driving when the weather permits.

Folkloric groups, special markets and more

In addition to live demonstrations of ancient crafts, the Museum Village Orvelte also provides the backdrop for special events. There are theme days “folkloric groups”, special and diverse markets. From a flea market autumn fair to a midsummer party and from falconer shows to performances by various folkloric musicians. These events and themed days “folkloric performances” can be found in detail on the site of the monument village. So be sure to visit Orvelte where people just live in the Drenthe of centuries ago.