Go on an adventure at Kabouterland in Exloo

Children come face to face with various animals, gnomes and trolls at Kabouterland in Exloo. Here they enter a mysterious world where gnomes can be seen up close, but there is much more to experience. A very fun adventure awaits them both inside and outside, which provides unforgettable moments. They can visit the enigmatic castle ruins, discover special plant species and admire exotic animals. In short, a visit to Exloo, the native country of the Drenthe gnomes, is an absolute must.

Mysterious rabbit hole of Kabouterland in Exloo

As a child you can spy on the gnomes up close down the rabbit hole. What are they all doing? Walking down a mysterious rabbit hole, your child will experience a fun set-up adventure and will have a great time here. Wandering through the subterranean passages of the rabbit hole, your child will discover the world of the gnomes and all their friends. The fairytale atmosphere is one of a kind and in every corridor and after every staircase your child will discover a new and mysterious scene.

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Take an exciting trip through the troll’s cave

That is, if you dare. The trolls don’t look very friendly. Yet something very special is going on in Exloo. Only here gnomes get along with trolls. Nowhere else in the world is that the case. Is your child’s visit to the troll cave not exciting enough yet? Don’t forget to check out the castle ruins. Here there is a mysterious atmosphere where you will fall from one surprise to the other.

The Story of the Magic Stone

Every month there is a party at a full moon in Kabouterland in Exloo. This has been happening for many thousands of years. The reason for this is a very special one. Gnomes from all over the world gather here to dance and sing with each other. There are also gnomes who tell impressive stories. The story continues about the special collaboration between gnomes and animals and how it is that gnomes can only get along well with trolls here. Want to know more about the Story of the Magic Stone? Then come to Exloo and let yourself be carried away by the stories of the gnomes.

Countless animal species

The wide variety of animal species alone makes a visit to Exloo more than worth it. There are small exotic animal species such as the wallaby, the coati, the meerkat and the funny black-eared monkey. In addition, there are also various bird species. Think of the kookaburra, the lovebird, the root-legged owl, but also the parakeet. More famous animal species for children at Kabouterland are guinea pigs, rabbits and Flemish giants. Walking along a covered walking path, your child will also get to know a wide range of special plants.


Multiple playgrounds

In addition to gnomes, trolls, plants and animals, Kabouterland in Exloo also offers plenty of playground fun. Slides, climbing frames, climbing equipment, you name it. There is even a gnome maze in the middle of the park. And when it unexpectedly rains, there is a large play shed inside where you can experience all kinds of things.

Take a break in the Kabouterie

After so many impressions at Kabouterland in Exloo, the children can relax in the Kabouterie. Of course you can also have a snack and a drink here while the children are playing. The menu offers something tasty for everyone, from pancakes to toasted sandwiches and many other tasty dishes. In good weather you can sit outside on the spacious terrace or opt for a pleasant picnic spot in the park.

Shop de Kabouter

There is also an underground shop for children who cannot get enough of the gnomes. The shop is freely accessible and has the same opening hours as the attraction itself. Here you can find an enormous diversity of gnome items. Gnome cups and cups, stuffed animals, books, cutlery, clothes and much more. This way your child will have a very nice memory of his or her adventure in Kabouterland in Exloo.