Drenthe prehistory in the Hunebedcentrum of Borger

The Hunebedcentrum in Borger takes you back to the time of prehistoric Drenthe. A time travel of no less than 150,000 years. At five different locations you will first discover how the landscape of Drenthe was shaped during the ice ages. People then settled in Drenthe who used this landscape for various purposes such as grave monuments, the remains of which can be seen in this center.

Discover the country’s Primal Province in the Hunebedcentrum of Borger

Your journey of discovery starts at the museum of the center. Here you travel back in time more than 5000 years ago, to the hunebed builders. This is the time when people started to cultivate the landscape. Farmers built the impressive hunebeds and in the museum you will be taken into their world. This world then consisted of small fields with also small houses and desolate land where both bears and wolves lived. How did the hunebed builders survive all these dangers?

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The largest hunebed in the Netherlands

The trail to prehistory takes you, among other things, to the impressive stone tombs, the largest of which is located right next to the center. When you stand in front of this hunebed you will find out how impressive this monument is. For example, the largest stone of this monument weighs no less than 20 tons. The question that irrevocably arises among the visitors is how the first farmers were able to build this imposing funerary monument? The center thinks to know how, but whether this actually happened remains the big question in Drenthe. In any case, the largest is right next to the Hunebedcentrum in Borger, which gives you the opportunity to answer this question yourself.

The gate of Hondsrug UNESCO Geopark

The Hondsrug UNESCO Geopark gate is located in the knowledge center of the Hunebedcentrum in Borger. Here you will first be explained what a Geopark is and why this center in Borger on the Drentse Hondsrug has obtained UNESCO status. This area belongs to a unique area where the history of its origins is linked to the time when the first people lived here and still live today. The first people to live here built the impressive stones formed by the ice ages. In addition, the exhibition in the knowledge center tells about all kinds of different peoples who subsequently lived in this area. Think of stories and videos, but also remnants of mammoths and an overview of all hotspots in the area that you definitely should not and do not want to miss.

The beautiful Prehistoric park

The Hunebedcentrum in Borger on the Drentse Hondsrug impressively puts prehistory on the map. You can literally walk through history in the Prehistoric park. You simply cannot get much closer to the life of our ancestors. You will, among other things, walk on the fields of the first inhabitants. These farmers built their lives here, the remains of which are still clearly visible today. There is also a real Neanderthal camp, a reindeer hunter’s hut, peat roads, burial mounds and of course an excavated hunebed. As if that were not enough, primal humans are present with great regularity. They tell the stories and show you in detail how people lived at the time. Fire is made, wood worked and wool dyed.

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Walking and cycling

The Hunebedcentrum in Borger also offers you the opportunity to discover the unique landscape of the Hondsrug area on foot or by bike. For example, various walking routes have been plotted that vary from short hikes to long walks. The same applies to the various cycling routes that the center has mapped out for you. On the site of the center you will find all the details about these routes.

For example, opt for the Elfhunebedden walk of about 14 kilometers. You take a huge step back in time and discover no fewer than eleven different hunebeds while walking. Or what about the Star Trek? This walking route is approximately 13 kilometers long and takes approximately 2.6 hours. During this tour you will visit the location where the largest radio telescope in the world is located. In terms of cycling routes, the Hunebed tour, among other things, deserves absolute recommendation. During this trip you will also discover various hunebeds and you will also encounter the Drenthe giants Ellert and Brammert.

The prehistoric school and prehistoric academy

There is also a lot to do for children in the Hunebedcentrum of Borger. In this way, young people at the prehistoric school discover everything about the ice ages and the Drenthe prehistory. For secondary school students, there is even teaching material available on the subjects of geology and archeology. In addition, there is a Primeval Academy for anyone who wants to discover even more about prehistoric times. Courses are given, as well as lectures and workshops. A lot of knowledge is also shared. For example about how you can survive in prehistoric times.