Enrich yourself in the Veenhuizen Prison Museum

We promise you that after a visit to the Prison Museum in Veenhuizen you will leave a little richer of knowledge than when you came. Why? In the National Prison Museum you will be told a unique story about the consequences of deviant behavior. A story about crime, punishment and impoverishment. As a result, you look at freedom differently than before, where your curiosity is certainly stimulated and you are guaranteed to think.

The story of the Prison Museum in Veenhuizen

You have probably never seen a cell inside or had a closer look at a modern cell block? In the prison museum it is all possible and much more. Although crime is timeless, the way of punishment has changed dramatically over the centuries. You will discover the history of crime and punishment in the Netherlands from 1600 on the basis of historical objects, models and prints. In addition, there is a real rack and a wheelbarrow cross. There is also a dome prison on the museum grounds as well as sleeping cages.

You can go anywhere and discover how prison life has developed over time. You will meet five criminals and follow them during their arrest and during their conviction. You will find out, among other things, what it is like to sit in the judge’s chair. Then you follow the criminals during their imprisonment.


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Een echte oude Boevenbus

You can take a tour through Veenhuizen in an old prisonbus in which thousands of prisoners were transported. This bus takes you past the prisons Norgerhaven and Esserheem, where prisoners are still being held. In total there are five prisons at the Prison Museum in Veenhuizen. In addition, you will discover more about the history of Veenhuizen and see the most beautiful and monumental buildings pass you along the way. During this tour, the guide will tell you all about the details of all the sights.

Criminal prison de Rode Pannen

In the Rode Pannen, the prison that is located next to the Prison Museum in Veenhuizen, you can discover what a prison looks like on the inside. Guided tours are held here from Tuesday to Sunday in which you will experience what it feels like to be imprisoned. Your guide on the tours is a former prison guard, ensuring detailed information. This way, your guide will be able to tell you exactly what life looked like between the prison walls. You will also receive information about the history of the development of the Rode Pannen. How it was built in 1860 and how prisoners with punishment in the Netherlands were held here from 1940 onwards.

Exciting treasure hunt “The Curse of Veenhuizen”

The prison museum in Veenhuizen also offers a unique experience for children. During the “The Curse of Veenhuizen” they make an exciting journey through time in which they meet friends of Gaius in different time periods. Mysterious papers have been found in the museum in which children are told an ancient story. This story is about the cursed Gaius who is locked up in a secret cell forever. Or so it seems. During the journey, the children learn a spell that can lift Gaius’ curse. Can they help him to reunite with his great love Marieke? In addition to this exciting journey through time, the youngest visitors can also indulge themselves in the Lange Leo children’s route. Lange Leo is a real crook who likes to act as a fun guide for the little ones.

Kortom, het gevangenismuseum biedt een fantastische ervaring. Na een bezoek aan het museum nog meer activiteiten bezoeken?