For the first time in the Eredevisie, thanks to FC Emmen 

Sunday May 20th 2018 was a historic day, but not only for FC Emmen. For the first time in history a soccerclub from Drenthe succeeded to get to the eredivisie. A very special moment for thousands inhabitans of Drenthe. Important names like PSV, Ajax and Feyenoord are now being welcomed in the stadium of FC Emmen “De Oude Meerdijk”.


The day of the final game

The final game was in Rotterdam ‘Het Kasteel’, Sunday the 20th of May. Sparta was in the lead with 1-0 the first 30 minutes, but FC Emmen scored 10 minutes after. Which made the score 1-2 for FC Emmen. In the 66th minute Alexander Bannink scored the 3rd point which was the most releiving feeling for all the supporters. It was also the final score of this thrilling soccermatch.

Fenomenal party at the ‘Raadhuisplein’

With so much joy there followed a party for the players and supporters that traveled along to Rotterdam and back to Emmen. The party took place at the Raadhuisplein (translated: city hall square) in Emmen. Raadhuisplein is a big square whith a skatepark, fountains, bright lights and trees. Raahuisplein was opened in 2015 to connect Wildlands Adventure Zoo and the Emmer Centre. It is surrounded by lots of bars, restaurants, the Atlas Theater and shopping mall De Weiert.

As much as 15.000 people

After the last whistle in Rotterdam, thousands of FC Emmen fans ran to the Raadhuisplein for the big ceremony. Mayor Eric van Oosterhout was assuming a big amount of people would come to the Raadhuisplein, but this he never expected. The party had started even without the players.

Around half past nine in the evening the bus finally arrived. There were speeches from the mayer, trainer of FC Emmen Dick Lukkien and the CEO Ronald Lubbers.


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Season tickets sold in one hour

It was quite difficult to fill the stadium the years before this historical moment. Wednesday 23rd of May, the sale for season tickets started. Some supporters took the risk and slept in front of the register the night before the sale started. There were around 5000 tickets available and these were sold within one hour. The fortunate ones had to pay €100,- euro’s more for one ticket compared to the years before, but lucky enough they did not mind at all. Also, numerous of new sponsors and financial support participated to help FC Emmen.

New players added to the selection

After FC Emmen finally realized this, it was time to prepare for the real deal, the first season of the eredivisie. Players like Cas Peters, Alexander Bannink, Michael Chacon, Glenn Bijl and Anco Jansen stayed. At the same time FC Emmen got new players like Wouter Marius, Luciano Slagveer, Jason Bourdouxhe and Caner Cavlan.

Since 1925

Ever since 1925, FC Emmen is playing in the eredivisie. It’s something that founders like Willem Slik and Ginus Groothuis never would’ve imagened back then. When the astablishment took place on August 21st in 1925, the first name that was given for the soccerclub was ‘Noordbarge Emmen Combinatie’. A year later they changed the name to VV Emmen. Since 1985 the club is playing professionally, for 33 seasons long in the First Division. In 2005 the name got changed to FC Emmen

Stadium De Oude Meerdijk

Also the stadium of the hometown has had several changes for the name. After the opening in 1977 it has kept the same name till 2001, which was Stadion Meerdijk. Since 2001 till 2013 it had the sponsoring name Univé Stadion on the facade and from 2014 till 2017 JENS Vesting. The name hasn’t changed since 2018, which is De Oude Meerdijk. The stadium has seets for around 8500 people in the audience. It has a Head-stand, North-stand, East-stand and a Jan van Beveren-stand.

Traditional emblem with the flag of Drenthe

FC Emmen is not only harking back to the past with the changed stadium name. In 2005, when the club got its current name, the traditional emblem was reinstated. The colors red and white predominate, which are designed in a coat of arms. In addition, the club name is on the logo, as well as the founding year, a classic football and the characteristic parts of the flag of Drenthe. These are the black tower and the six red stars.

‘Rood-Wit Aan de Bal’ ‘

When FC Emmen makes a goal, the song ‘Rood-Wit Aan De Bal’ is being sung by all the supporters in the stadium. This has been the clubsong ever since FC Emmen became a professional paid club. Over the years many songs about FC Emmen were made. A famous one is from Henk Wijngaard “Emmen Mijn Voetbalstad”. When the line-up is announced the national anthem of Drenthe is played by the band Mooi Wark. When the players come on the field you hear the song Explode by Jordan & Baker.


Red White Tigers and Sibi, the mascot

FC Emmen has a kidsclub ‘De Emmertjes’ since 2006. The club got a new mascot in 2010 by accident. The team went to the zoo in Emmen and met a tiger that loved soccer. The mascot of the team became a tiger and they named him Sibi. The name of the kidsclub has changed to Red White Tigers.

FC Emmen museum 

Since November 2005 there is a museum in the mainbuilding of the stadium. This museum was opened officialy in the presence of mayer Cees Bijl. It is possible to visit free of charge within office hours.

Two loyal Support Associations 

Obvisously FC Emmen would be nothing without it’s supporters. Supporter Association Rood-Wit has existed since 1946. The second Supporter Association, Brigata Fanatico, is supporting FC Emmen since August 2017.

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