Paradise on earth in the Gees Sculpture Garden

In the Sculpture Garden in Gees you will be treated to no less than seven hectares of paradise on earth. A unique place where art and nature meet in a special garden with English characteristics. Sculpture garden “Sculptures in Gees”, as this garden is officially called, is guaranteed to offer you an unforgettable experience that will remain with you for a long time to come.

Gallery and Sculpture Garden of Gees

As a true paradise, the Gallery and Sculpture Garden are situated in a wide landscape that can be counted among the most beautiful in Drenthe. In addition to the diversity of images, the planting in the garden is also very varied. To keep you fully informed, there is a sign for each plant species. In addition, you will find beautiful sloping lawn fields that are alternated here and there with equally beautiful ponds and idyllic groups of trees. There are also theme gardens such as the geranium garden and the grass garden with their own specific design and atmosphere. You can relax on the benches and private shelters on the site and enjoy all the beauty around you in peace.


Walking through the nature reserve

When the weather permits, you can take a walk on the winding forest path that offers surprising and eye-pleasing views. It is also possible to walk through the nature reserve, which is surrounded by a beautiful fen and wild vegetation. There are of course no statues in this nature reserve, but it is certainly no less worthwhile.

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Flowering garden and art during the Summer Exhibition

As soon as spring arrives, the summer exhibition will start at the Sculpture Garden in Gees. In the garden the trees are sprouting and the first bloomers are visible. You will also see many birds building their nests there. Numerous artists then present their most beautiful works of art against this idyllic setting. Statues, but also jewelry, paintings and other surprising objects. The artists come from the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany and use all conceivable materials. You can also admire the work of graduated talents of the Classical Academy during the summer exhibition. There is also music in the garden every Wednesday evening.

Autumn exhibition in enchanting colors

As soon as the summer is over and the leaves start to fall from the trees, the autumn exhibition starts at Beelden in Gees. The themes of the exhibition always vary. For example, for the autumn exhibition in 2018, artists who are connected to the ends of the country were chosen. That is to say, far away from the hustle and bustle of the Randstad. All painters come from the Classical Academy during this autumn exhibition, where figuration is central. In addition, ceramists from Limburg will also give substance to the autumn exhibition. You will be shown ceramics in all its facets. From statues to utensils and from jewelry to hard porcelain.

Enjoy the Brasserie

Would you like to recover from all the impressions in the Gees Sculpture Garden? Then we recommend that you use the Brasserie of the garden . Here you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with a real Drenthe currant, cake or biscuit. In addition, there are delicious toasted sandwiches on the menu as well as organic products including apple pie and homemade elderflower juice.